thank god

November 18, 2009 at 11:10 pm (blogging, britney, dad, KATE) (, , , )

it has been a hole month since she left that bitch. so now i can finally blog again like before that summer and her moving in and everything else. now she’s gone and the wicked witch is dead thank god!

i wanted to go out with just my dad but hes been sleeping so much sinced she left and doesn’t want to talk. he started one day but started crying again it was annoying because we can’t get back to normal yet. so i just call britney all the time and talk while he sleeps. she rules!

i am SO glad KATE is gone! thank you good!


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June 16, 2008 at 4:10 pm (britney, dad, heather, KATE, liz, my mom, summer) (, , , , , , )

one week of school and then summer. they should call it sukmer it is going to blow even harder than school like it does every year. this year is worst but at least my dad and KATE will get the eff out for a few days and i will stay with liz. that’s in July. that fake-ass bitch is taking him to thge kayman island or some shit.

i was going to stay with heather but then she turned into a britney too-face ho. liz is okay but now she is like a best friend i guess but not all the way.

it is so stupid but i wish school was not out next week. everyone is all happy and talking about partying and drinking but is wish it was still march. summer just sucks. maybe i’ll get sick and KATE will have to go by herself and my dad can saty home with me like my mom used to when i was little.

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christmas blech

December 28, 2007 at 10:05 pm (dad, KATE, second period) (, , )

so christmas is over another year so stupid. so dumb i can’t believe i let myself get almost excited about it just like when i was little. i thought it could be good.

two weeks without school sounds good but sucks actually. two weeks without school means two weeks looking at KATE’s stupid mug holding hands with my dad trying to look like she’s acting normal. trying to act like i don’t see exactly what she’s doing. two weeks of being alone but you can’t really be alone anyway. two weeks without nortmal people or second period.

family shit sucks.

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worst friend

November 21, 2007 at 8:36 pm (britney, dad, heather, KATE, liz, my mom) (, , , , , )

in 8th grade britney was my best friend i was so stupid. i still can’t believe it we used to draw pictures and talk after 4th period and ate at the back table at lunch. we said we were cool but now i know it was such shit.

she would come to my house and my dad would call me in my room. this was in the days before KATE. dad was still crying mostly so we wouldn’t see him except when he was in the kitchen or something. but then after summer she just went from best friend to worst friend and now a total bitch.

today in lunch she saw me when i past the old table and i could see she remembered when we used to sit there before we started hating each other. i hoped she could not remember all the times we were friends but it felt scary. do you think she remembers it too? i wanted to run away but it wouldn’t work because where could you run to that would make some one else forget what they knew? i just looked at the floor and hoped she would not know what i was thinking but from her eyes i think she could. it stil feels like a sucking hole inside.

heather is much better but i would never tell anyone sometimes she is just as bad. she is my best friend but sometimes she only acts like my best friend and tries to hang with carl and those guys at the table by the cutouts. liz knows but i act like i don’t even notice.

i wonder if my mom had a best friend or maybe she could of used one. my dad never had any.

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throw up

November 19, 2007 at 5:45 pm (britney, throw up) (, )

i was all night throwing up last night. i wish it was britney doing it that bitch.

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November 11, 2007 at 8:45 pm (Brad, cheeseass movie, dad, dream, heather, KATE, my mom) (, , , , , , )

i had this dream it woke me up. i was with brad in the park like some cheeseass movie KATE would probly like but then he wasn’t brad he was my dad instead. i didn’t freak but then he went away toward this woman i never saw her but i know she was there. it was my mom.

he wouldn’t talk he just looked at her slow and she didn’t talk either just looked. but then she was KATE instead and he talked and talked like an idiot.

then they were gone that bitch and i was lookig for brad again. people were in the park eating on giant towels and i started freaking. i asked them all where brad was but no one would talk to me they were all eating. it got dark and then i was walking to a house. i knew it was brad’s house but i have never seen brad’s house real house because he lives in elizabeth lakes but nobody was home. the house was dark and the whole street was dark and i fell over. when i hit the ground it was all wet and i woke up.

heather said dreams always mean something but i know she’s wrong it is so stupid. best friends can be stupid some times.

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he blows

November 9, 2007 at 9:51 pm ("underwear", american idle, Brad, britney, culture, dancing with the has-beens, KATE, myspace, PLEASE!, second period, wierd) (, , , , , , , , , , )

my dad is an idiot. he blows. i need new “underwear” but i can’t tell him he gets all wierd. i should maybe talk to KATE about it but never mind it would be even wierder probly.

how many more months until american idle? tv is so shitty now. KATE is so stupid she watches dancing with the has-beens and dad sometimes watches too. such shit.

brad was talking with mike and scott the whole period today so he didn’t look over. at least he didn’t look at britney that i know of. i wanted to see but i didn’t want to look. i wished i was absent in class. i wonder if he wonders where all his myspace hits are coming from.

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he looked at me?

November 8, 2007 at 7:34 am (blogging, Brad, britney, culture, heather, liz, PLEASE!, second period) (, , , , , , , )

so remember just like i said in 2nd period i was going to go talk to brad and really this time. no more chickenshitting. so i was all ready but then HE LOOKED AT ME and omg i freaked. i couldn’t move! i tried not to smile but i couldn’t help it so i looked at the floor. i hope he didn’t see me smile. then i just couldn’t do it.

but then at my locker i told heather all about it. she said no he was looking at britney who was sitting right behind me. not behind me but the other side of me from where brad was looking. so HEATHER THINKS HE WAS LOOKING AT HER and i still feel so idiotic like some baby freshman. BRITNEY IS SUCH A BITCH i should have known!!! first she went after dylan over summer and now this i wish i had never been her friend i hate her.

heather told me i should just try again but she doesn’t know how it felt when he looked at me and when i smiled at the floor. she has no idea. if she knew how it felt and then finding out he was looking at bitchy britney (probbly) then she would never think that definitely not say it.

later liz said heather was stupid and brad really was lookign at me but i know she’s wrong.

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November 7, 2007 at 5:49 pm (blogging, Brad, culture, PLEASE!, second period) (, , , , )

OMG! Okay, I woke up this morning and I suddenly realized – I DON’T HAVE A BLOG! I mean, WTF?! So I took my dad’s high blood pressure medicine and calmed down. I’m okay now, thanks. AND NOW I HAVE A BLOG! So that means I EXIST.

It does, right?

So anyway… today in second period I’m going to see Brad. And this time I’m actually going to talk to him.

Or maybe I won’t….

Should I? Should I?! What do you think? PLEASE tell me!

Whew! My first blog entry EVER. I exist now, right? Do I? Do I exist now?

My dad should be okay with Flintstones instead of his blood pressure medicine today, right?

PLEASE come back tomorrow!!!

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